Monday, October 29, 2012

Julia's Christmas Slippers

At last, I've begun working on Christmas projects. I'm starting on Julia's crocheted slippers. She picked out the pattern on Drops Patterns, here. They're really adorable. She also chose the yarn; it has a lovely, silvery luster to it. Here's the foot part of one slipper.
I'm making the two slippers simultaneously. This ensures that I don't get weary with the first one, and hesitate to finish the second. It also helps the two slippers to be identical. Here, you see the toe of one.
A close-up of the foot section. We think these look like fairy slippers. I like the open pattern.
This evening I made more progress. At the ankle, the slippers split in order to complete the heel, and then the collar is added later. I'll post finished pictures soon -- I hope!
The pattern directions are useful, but I've really had to do my own thing regarding measurements. This slipper is way too small, and you have to fit it to the foot it's intended for. Julia enjoyed slipping this on as I sized it to her.


  1. What a wonderful gift. So pretty.

  2. Hi, MK, just home and catching up with you. Every time we heard about Sandy on the news, I talked about you and your beautiful town. So glad to hear that all is well- and obviously very productive back at the ranch! You are fabulous folk, in a fabulous place, and I am very grateful to see all these happy shots! It is admittedly also so very fascinating to see such first-hand accounts of Big Events! Hurricane update good too...


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