Friday, October 26, 2012

Water, Sky, and Hurricane Sandy

I love gazing at the Neuse. It's as fascinating and changeable as the sky. In New Bern yesterday, the sunset sky looked like this.
The Neuse was still as a mirror until a power boat went past. The faster the boat, the more the ripples that eventually came our way and lapped upon the rocks.
(If I'd told you that was sand, would you have believed me for a second?)
When the river is still, the reflections are so cool.
The color and texture of the reflection are difficult to capture with my dinky little camera.
But when the boat's waves came lapping in, the effect on the reflection almost made me queasy. The pilings on the dock seems to wobble drunkenly, in and out, as if it were walking toward us. See?
When you don't hook up your T.V., you look for entertainment elsewhere - haha!
Hurricane Sandy is growing in her potential impact. I'm hoping we only get reasonable amounts of rain, and not too much wind tide in the river. The hurricane's rotation pushes the strong winds back down Pamlico Sound, straight at Oriental. The wind pushes the river water, and its levels rise, flooding parts of town. The slower-moving the hurricane, the longer it sticks around, the worse it is. A large, slow-moving storm like this one is the most devastating for flooding.


  1. It seems to me the nicest towns and cities are those that have a lot of waterways all around, like your town. The only time I lived near the water I was too transient and young (in college) to appreciate it, and I spent precious little time on the beach or enjoying the ocean. I love imagining you sitting there and soaking up the marine air.

  2. Batten the hatches, MK! We get the mucky tail-ends of your hurricanes, but they make me wonder at the fortitude of homes on the other side. These are gorgeous shots. Not hooking up the TV a great idea!

  3. Yikes! I hope you don't get drenched in Oriental! I am so ready to see the Pacific Ocean. I think we may get drenched ourselves up in the Northwest.

  4. Love that last "bendy" photo. Stay safe as you anticipate the coming storm.


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