Friday, October 19, 2012

World Class Nachos

I call them World Class, not as some ploy to foist a recipe on you, nor to trick you into pinning these pictures. I simply state a fact. These nachos are fantabulous. I was inspired by Jo Lynn's exuberance over her own nachos last week, and finally Adam got sick of hearing my desperate nacho yearnings.
Now Jo Lynn's nachos look great, no kidding. But she and her dear family are skinny people. That little casserole of nachos on her blog would have fed my 13 year old alone. All alone. But she certainly did inspire some nacho construction in our kitchen last night!
Adam makes his own chips by frying cut-up corn tortillas. Simple, and they are so sturdy. And so utterly cheaper than anything you buy in a store. So ... for less money and more taste, make your own, if you dare. He made the guacamole from an avocado, a bit chunky this time. He made pico from tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and red wine vinegar (which he apparently prefers to lime juice now). And he made a yummy cheese sauce with cheddar, cream cheese, sauteed hamburger and milk. And a little hot sauce, cumin, and garlic powder. All that work, and I gobbled it up in no time. Poor guy!

What's great about that dish up there is that the chips on the bottom -- they don't get soggy. They don't hang limp. They will sit all perky on your fingertips, loaded down with cheese sauce and pico and lettuce and guacamole, all the way to the last crunchy bite.  Don't you hate eating nachos in a Mexican restaurant, when the chips on the bottom are just a mass of soggy tortilla? (Okay, you don't really hate it, because you'll eat it all anyway.) Just get a fork, roll them up, and eat them that way.  So sad.

These chips don't do that :)

Tonight?  He's making us BLTs.  Yummm.


  1. First off...your dishes are beautiful. Have meant to say that before. And dinner looks delish. I always think that pico and guacamole are tasty ALL the time. :)

  2. Oh boy! I love me some good nachos and now I really want some! I'm trying to be "good" and not eat any of that calorific stuff. I might have to have a splurge!

  3. Oh gosh...those look wonderful! I've been needing a nacho fix but you're right...the ones on the bottom are all soggy and that ruins everything.


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