Friday, February 4, 2011

A Shelf of Memories

I have this dusty little shelf in my kitchen, where I house small things:  birds, baby pictures, miniatures.
A little tea set that my mother-in-law gave to Julia, years ago. I didn't let Julia keep it in her room. (If you saw her room, you'd understand.) But someday, I'll let her take it away. I think this is so beautiful.  Love the green, and the rustic look of the little houses. It makes me think of English farms and fields in the 19th century.

I may have posted these before.  I found this little set of dishware at the local Salvation Army. I also saw a similar set in Old Salem, at their Toy Museum. The medium-size dishes are heavier than a quarter. I've wondered if they're old? Silver? Valuable?  Who knows?
One of the little forks is broken.
This delicate rose was given to me years ago, I think as a wedding present. It might have been earlier than that. I don't recall who gave it to me, but I've loved it. It's usually covered with dust, but today I removed everything from the shelves and cleaned it all.
The birds.  The large brown one was given to me from a friend, Mary Louise, when she married, and I helped at the reception. The smooth blue one was given to me by a friend in Iowa, Mary Anna. The little yellow bird was a resale store find.
Baby pictures - When Philip (far right) was born, someone gave me his frame. After I also put Anna (front) in a frame, I figured I'd better put them all in these fun, clunky little frames, so as not to leave anyone out!
Philip - the first baby, who cried for 3 months
Anna - don't you love that impish, snarky look? Her temperament wasn't that way though.
Peter - my bubbly, happy, sunshine baby
Julia - the icing on the cake


  1. What a fun post -- I love the little cottage tea set. And the rose -- my grandmother had one just like it on her dresser -- I had a total flashback!

    And BTW...I had a crier for 3 months, too! Darn that colic...

  2. lovely little shelf of fun trinkets and the photos of your babies are priceless! ;) love the little birds, reminds me of my Grandma Gardner.


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