Saturday, February 1, 2014

for Kara

This post is really for my son Philip's girlfriend, Kara. I found a pile of photos when I was rummaging around in boxes recently, during our move. Some loose photos were baby pics of Philip that I thought Kara would enjoy. So here's the baby!
A rather somber fellow. He was born around Christmas, so these are probably in the spring -- still wearing a sweater and hat in Mississippi, so it's not past March!
This must be in the summer at my folks' home in the NC mountains. (Sorry - these are all photos of photos, and there can be a little blur.) That's my daddy in the background. From the look of it I'd say he's eating ice cream, and probably watching T.V. And Philip? He was a finicky eater (still is). I bet that's applesauce I'm gingerly shoveling in.
This photo was taken in Edwards, where we moved when Philip was only a couple of months old. We rented a home on Royal Street. The dilapidated house behind Adam (yes! That's Adam! With his dark hair!) was later renovated beautifully. Philip was an amazing drooler, and we carried cloth diapers all the time to sop him up.
Here we are, new little family, standing next to the garage at our second home in Edwards -- our first home purchase. That was a great baby stroller. I used it for all four kids. Adam must have been going to work, in his tie, and I was staying home. Clearly summer. Philip's size and our clothing tells me he's about 6 months old. Except ... at that house, in the summer, I would already have had Anna. That would make me recovering from second baby in 18 months, and Philip would be a year and a half. I really don't know!
Grandfather, holding Philip on a walk down Royal Street.
Philip with his best buddy, Brown Bear. He's sitting on our front porch at the big house on Osborne St. in Edwards. The square footage of that Victorian front porch was bigger than our apartment when we lived on the seminary campus.
Philip was a doll, a very happy baby after he got rid of his colic for the first three months. And at about a year old, he blossomed into a smiling, big-brown-eyed, energetic, bright child.
Philip's great-grandmother (Adam's father's mom) lived in town too, and she came over just about every day. She was wild about Philip. She had a polaroid camera, and she faithfully took photos of the children on the monthly anniversary of their birth. Here, Philip is 14 months old.

This last photo was my "family Christmas picture" when Philip was one year old, taken in the chilly living room of the big house in Edwards. He looks happy, but as I recall he didn't like my taking his picture that day, and he was reaching for me.
Because of Granny and her polaroid, I have piles of photos of Philip particularly, since he was the first baby. One of these days, I'll dig them all out. It's fun to remember, and I hope you enjoyed these, Kara!


  1. That last photo reminds me of Julia:) I'm impressed with your photo finding. Photo organization is one of those projects I need to do, but I will probably have to wait for an empty nest first.

  2. So cute!! His eyes haven't changed as bit!

  3. So cute! I love these pictures :-) His eyes have not changed much, which is good because they're on of my favorite features of his! Thanks for these :-)

  4. How precious! My son is 41, and I gave his wife almost all his baby pictures just after they married. A lovely gift. Now that they have their own child, it makes those photos even more special. A blessing to see this post today!


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