Monday, July 28, 2008

And finally:

Some last pics from last week. Alynn and I stopped by one of our favorite stores, owned by one of our favorite people, Linda. This is Ernie's Rock Shop, in Brevard, NC. What a wonderful place! Lots of rocks, fossils, etc., plus beautiful jewelry.

Anna and my mother.


  1. MJ,
    Print that picture of Anna and your mother. It is wonderful. That will be treasure for rest of your life.


  2. Hi Mitford Friend!
    Just stopped by, and wanted to comment on how I have enjoyed reading your blog! The pictures are wonderful! I invite you also to visit mine when you get the chance. See ya on the BB!!
    Take Care and God Bless!!
    ~Kelly Maria
    a*k*a* KRamsey on Mitford BB

  3. I love that kind of shop too! I could spend hours looking at rocks and fossils!


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