Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What we did yesterday

Adam had some help with his oven yesterday, and a lot was done. This is Blake, a young man from our church. They put the concrete and bricks in to make the shelf in front of the oven. Blake wrote his name in the concrete, and later Adam will put tile there for the real shelf. They also built up quite a bit of the side of the oven, as you see on the left, next to Blake.
And the kids went swimming too, as you see.
Our church's high schoolers are leaving on a mission trip this Friday, and Anna and Philip will go. I made some Rice Krispie Treats for them.

And FINALLY, I made my second cherry pie.


  1. I want a bite of that cherry pie!

  2. that oven is almost done now!! yippee! it's the rice krispy treats that tempt me. was ever a finer snack created? oh, right, s'mores. ok--but rkt are second best!

    and yes, zeek is a pure-bred. jrt's come in 3 types of coat: smooth, rough, and broken. zeek has a broken coat. wiry tapering to smooth-ish. he feels a bit like a brillo pad. the rough coat is almost a long-hair. zeek is also much taller than molly. it took a long time for a standard to be set in jrt's but molly's size is closer to show-dog material. of course, her behavior is FAR fromm show-dog material. =}


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