Saturday, July 12, 2008


These were supposed to be dwarf, seedless. I've never known dwarves 8 feet tall :)

These aren't sunflowers, I know, but I'm so pleased at how these begonias are doing. I don't like begonias, but I wanted something sturdy, here by the pool.
And look at my weeping fig (I think that's right...) that Mother gave me. It is very happy on the patio.


  1. I dont' know if you remember me from the Mitford bb or not...Martha, Memaof5. I have been lurking on the bb and found the thread on blogs and thought I'd visit yours. What a treat! Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I love sunflowers! I'll bookmark and be back to visit again when I have time to sit and read. Thanks for allowing me in. Martha

  2. Lol! I planted giants this year and got mini sunflowers.. Did we somehow trade seeds?


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