Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Along with those proverbial bon-bons:

What does a teacher do on vacation? Well, as you already know, I'm in the beginning stages of planning a trip to England next January for somewhere between 9-18 people.

And then there's the reading. It's just a constant. Last summer I did not enjoy it much, but for some reason it's not a burden this summer. I'm on "Cry, the Beloved Country" right now, and am really enjoying it. In fact, the past 3 books have been great. A good read is always in the back of your mind; it's the thing that you want to get back to, if you could just get done with all these little tasks.

And Adam and I are taking an online education course this summer, through a local community college. It's a class about incorporating the internet into your classroom and teaching. It's been very informative thus far. We're 1/4 through the course.

And I have a stack of education books I'm supposed to read, the least enjoyable task of all. I like my field, literature. I do not like studying modern education trends, methods or philosophies. As soon as an educator begins to wax eloquent about his field, his voice morphs into Charlie Brown's teacher's voice, and my brain goes to sleep.

Lastly, I have to write a 6 page paper on my own philosophy of Christian education. I already typed out a pretty thorough outline for it. For me to blab about this topic is about as easy as breathing, so that will not be a challenge, thankfully.

Now, all this fun resting you see me doing? It happens between those things. Well, minus the education books, because I haven't opened one of those yet.

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  1. Oooh! I LOVE Cry, the beloved country. I thought it had such musical feel to it, almost felt like it should be an opera. what a beautiful book.

    Wow, the course about internet and teaching sounds so interesting. Academics are always discussing this. The internet is such an incredible resource, it's so fascinating to see how it has affected trends in research (even of medieval topics!).


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