Monday, July 21, 2008

Mighty Busy

When we returned from the music conference, we hit the floor at a dead run. We have fun company coming in town this evening (Yippee!!!), but needed to do a little cleaning and straightening first. The pool was a fright. The yard needed mowing. Laundry was sky high. You know.
Anyway, before I dash away from music camp, here's a photo of our adult choir, with the director, Dr. Bill Thomas. He was a very good clinician. We didn't sing as much as I'd like, or do as difficult music as I'd like, but we learned a lot from him. He admitted that he had WAY underestimated the quality of the choir he would work with!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to some friends' lake house with many other church folks. The kids swam in the lake. It was SO hot, that the only comfortable place was in the living room of their little lake house. No AC there, but the cool cement block, shade, and fans made the room lovely. Philip got a little shut-eye.
Our pastor, Rob.
Friends from church.

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