Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ever been scared of your brekky?

I bought some yummy bagels, and thought I'd have a bagel & cream cheese.
I knew I had a new package of cream cheese, buried deep in the fridge somewhere. See cream cheese? See package. Yikes! Hannafords! (A few of you may realize the implications of this packaging.) Hannafords was our grocery store in Massachusetts.

We moved here from Massachusetts 2 years ago.


I opened the package. It's didn't wiggle. Adam recommended I smell it. It smelled like itself. I ate it. It tasted like itself.

Adam says I should call it "finely aged."


  1. Wow! I can't believe it was still good after two years. It was still good, wasn't it? I mean, you aren't now worshiping the porcelain god and regretting your decision, are you?

  2. yikes! can you say "preservatives?"

  3. We've probably done that.

    Pre-vegan, of course. ;)

  4. Mmmmm that is one ripe cheese! Lol! I know Hannaford's well. My parents live in NH!


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