Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not Much

That's what I did today.

However, the pool, which was really, awfully, dirty, is now very clean.

And Adam and I meandered around the grocery store.

And he honestly couldn't remember whether it was Tuesday or Wednesday, until the lady behind the deli counter told us which one. Ah, the sweet confusion of a teacher on summer break.

So, pizza is out, for supper, because he now doesn't have time to heat up the "big" oven, since we have church. Hum. I'm not sure whether I like an oven that needs half a day to heat up, in order for me to have pizza. And NO, he would not consider making pizza in the regular oven.

I'll be more profitable tomorrow, honest. For starters, I'm hoping to get my hair cut. And I want to take Julia to the new "Kit" movie, since that's the American doll that she has. She doesn't know yet! Shh! And I need to spend about an hour (at least) in a private session with my filing cabinet and all my old bills and various papers that need filing. I do that about every 2 years.


  1. When I have my affair with my papers and filing cabinet, I always pull out my ironing board on which to organize my papers. That's about all I do with my ironing board!

  2. I'm with you -I have trouble waiting for the regular oven to heat up some days... a half a day might be tough... You made me laugh :)
    We had to discuss what day it was too today! Ah-summer... I love it. By the way Patrick corrected us as to what day it was before we both pulled out our phones to 'see' what day it was - I was too embarrassed to ask the waitress.


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