Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Fainting Alto

That would be MY DAUGHTER, ANNA. Oh my. The adult and high school choirs rehearsed together at 9:00 this morning on a big piece. We sang it through about 3 times. Then I heard a group of altos say, "We need some help here." I thought they needed help with notes! Then I saw a brown pair of legs and a familiar pair of blue shorts, lying on the floor. Poor Anna, fainted right away! We don't really know why. She might have locked her legs up. She's had a sore throat, and now her tummy feels pretty yucky. She might be getting a bug. We put cool rags on her and fanned her, took her to the van in a wheelchair, got LOTS of attention. I brought her back here for Adam to look after her. She seems to be more steady now, but still feels yucky. She might be resting for the rest of the week.

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