Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Lively Site

I've spent a bit of time the last several days at the Jan Karon Online Bulletin Board Site. This is just a place on the internet for fans of her books to congregate and talk about all kinds of things. They don't necessarily talk about her books, although generally speaking a tone of sunshiny spirituality and tea-drinking pervades the site. I've never seen such a BUSY bulletin board! Granted, I don't visit many online bulletin boards, but I mean to say, the topics fly fast and furious at this place! And the members, mostly ladies, gab and share as if they were sisters.

If you like this kind of entertainment, I'd encourage you to join:

Just click on "Grapevine" to find the bulletin board.

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  1. mk--thanks for the mitford books site. just signed on and posted in your tomato forum. you are cutting edge! have a great fourth. see you [here] soon! ;>*


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