Tuesday, December 30, 2008

As the year ends,

I do contemplate the blessings we have right now:

We both have jobs. Don't know how long they'll last, but tomorrow is the Lord's business. I'm thankful to have regular income.

Health. Never, ever again will I take for granted the blessings of health, after the years of illness Adam suffered. What a huge blessing to have him healthy and able to work! There were many days, weeks, months, when I didn't think he'd work again, or engage in life with such vigor.

Our children. They're far from perfect, and we tire of their antics and fighting, but we are blessed to have generally bright, happy, obedient children, and ones who love the Lord. We pray this continues.

Opportunities to serve. In addition to our teaching jobs, which are ministries in themselves, Adam and I both have such great chances to serve in our wonderful church, with such loving, godly believers. It's important to find places where your gifts can be used, use them, and then remember not to complain that you're serving so much :)

A happy marriage. We've seen couples who tolerate each other, couples who love each other but don't nourish their relationship, couples who fuss and fight, couples who've drifted apart. I'm so thankful for a husband who devotes himself to nourishing our marriage, learning new ways to spoil and love me, forgiving my offenses, and blithely accepting my quirks. He strives to love me in a way that imitates Christ's love. We're much more in love now than we were 20 years ago.

A home. A comfortable, pleasant home is easy to take for granted, until you've done without one for a number of years. We both love to be home.

Spiritual security. That's an odd phrase, I know, but it just expresses the fact that Adam and I both have a relationship with God based on trust in Him, in the steadfastness of His character, and the unchangeableness of His promises. So, distresses in life don't faze us as much as they used to, or might otherwise. I find myself more often viewing life's occurrences in the light of where I'm going: a new earth. This life is a training ground, a test. I do not believe in the saying, "He's so heavenly minded that he's no earthly good." To be increasingly heavenly-minded is the Christian's goal. I'm thankful for God's leading my mind in that direction.

A new year spreads ahead. I know God looks ahead at my future, seeing and directing every moment. So I can gaze at the past in thanks, knowing all that I thank Him for was directed by him as well.

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