Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday night's Christmas festivities:

Were a trip to a local nursing home with our church choir. We sang carols, plus one number from our upcoming cantata. It was lots of fun. The folks drifted down the halls on their walkers and sat down, sharing hymnals. We sang many old favorites. One elderly (and talkative) lady named Louise is quite a character. Like many other old ladies, she was drawn like a magnet to Adam, and talked his ear off. She is 96.

They have a Siamese cat at the nursing home, Sammy. He is 12, noble and statuesque. He let the children pet and pet him. Even Peter liked Sammy, and he's a dog-boy!!

Now we're home. I'm mostly recovered from my ickiness, and am grading papers - what else!?

It was very nice to sing and play for the folks there.

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