Sunday, December 28, 2008

We went to the mountains

For a little more Christmas fun with my parents. Here's a winter shot of their home. They're on top of a mountain, so it looks a little bleak, tree-wise.

And here's Julia, getting a little Grandmotherly Love! I told my mom I had to get a picture of her with her famous (and I do mean famous) Sunday roast in the pot. I wonder how many thousands of people have enjoyed her Sunday roast at their home, over the years?
We had a great time there, did a little shopping, in which Belk was a disappointment, but the local resale shop was a HUGE success! All Adam could say was that some retailer really missed out on selling him a $200 wool, herringbone suitcoat, and a lovely pair of loafers. He found the coat for $1, and the shoes for $3. Hey - when you live in a rabidly consumeristic society like America, it just makes sense to wait a bit until some poor schnook gets rid of his almost-new stuff. We willingly wait to receive it!

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  1. count me in those who have eaten that yummy pot roast!


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