Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nothing going on here...

Except that I'm sitting on my usual spot on the couch, grading papers. Research papers. Creative writing. Essays. The usual.

Christmas break is so close I can almost taste it. I love the delicious unwinding that occurs in the spirit, when the last grading is done, and there's no more work for weeks. And this year, I'll be done at noon on Dec. 19, and not be back in the classroom until the morning of Jan. 20. Can you believe it! I just LOVE our Winterim program (like a January term), and so do the students. This is one program that I hope we keep.

Well, we all know that I'm still sitting here, typing, because I don't want to pick up that last research paper and look at it. Or read the Hemingway short story that I've read about 10 times before, but need to read afresh each year.

My poor little students. I'm really trying to cram one last mouthful down their throats before the exams.

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  1. Where I went to college we had J-term classes-most of the students were not there but they offered a number of different month long classes - I loved it - I took a CS Lewis course and read six books in one month! My roommate took Calligraphy - and had 1 hour class once a week - and my class met three times a week and for three hours!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I enjoyed mine more than she did!


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