Friday, December 5, 2008

The week's ending

Thankfully, it's Friday. It's been a long week. Of course, it's hard to go back to teaching after a break, for teachers and students alike. And the students aren't highly motivated since we have only a handful of days until Christmas Break. Who was it that decided to put these 2 vacations so close together? Wouldn't we all be better off it we had one LONG vacation with Thanksgiving at the beginning and Christmas at the end?

Please be in prayer for my mother. She had a seemingly harmless mass removed from her arm, only to find out from the tests later that there is evidence of cancer in the area. She'll have more surgery to explore and clean out the area, in January. We are concerned, but giving it to God, who knows her arm, and her life, better than we do.

And please continue to pray for our pastor and his wife. Honestly, sometimes the spouse has a harder time than the one who is sick, and Rob is having a difficult time, still, dealing with Bev's illness. Please pray.

Adam couldn't go to the grocery with me this evening because he has a session meeting (still gone to it, in fact), so I needed one of the boys to come with me to push the buggy (or, carriage, for you Massachusettians!!). Okay, I'm spoiled. I haven't had to push that big old buggy myself for quite some time now. And you know what? Both boys wanted to go! Now, I'm only taking ONE kid to the store, because my days of taking a handful of them were over LONG AGO. One boy will do, thank you. But, how to choose? Adam had them guess a number, and Peter won. Bless them both. It's nice to have helpful kids, and I must say that they've learned that attitude from years of watching their daddy serve their mom.

Last note: today the whole high school, plus teachers, went to Charlotte to the Operation Christmas Child distribution center, to help sort and pack shoeboxes. What a fun time! The kids loved it, the work was well-organized, and a happy spiritu of service and love pervaded the day. Bless that ministry, Lord.


  1. I agree about the two holiday breaks so close together - it's hard to get everyone going again, and keeping up the studying and then they are off again for Christmas...

    My children want to come grocery shopping but at their ages it's more hassle than it's worth... lol

  2. MK - please keep me posted on your mom - she's in our prayers. Cancer is such a horrible thing.
    My mom is a 16 year breast cancer survivor and my mother in law just finished her treatments before Thanksgiving from her breast cancer.
    Love you!


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