Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Philip's Birthday!

There's the birthday boy! I traipsed into his room this morning with the birthday song on my lips, but he was already awake! We took the family to eat for lunch; his choice? A pizza place!

Here's his cake: the perennial Mississippi Mud Cake. I think he's had this for the past 10 years at least. Gooey, marshmallow-laden and out-of-this-world delish!
Please note the interesting Hot Chocolate Pot behind the cake. This was a teacher gift to Adam this year, and boy is it fun! Fill it with milk, heat in microwave, add chocolate chips, place lid and mixing device on, and voila! The holiday beverage is ready! The tall part on the top has batteries in it, and there is a whirling wand that sticks down and immerses into the liquid, to froth it up a little. Fun!

Adam and Peter discuss computer games

There's my sweet girl! She usually cowers and hides from the camera.

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