Friday, December 19, 2008

I've heard of a deep-freeze...

...all over the rest of the nation.

But here in central North Carolina, it is BALMY.

I keep telling Adam that this feels like Christmas in south Mississippi. You just have to live there to understand the unusual balminess of Deep South Christmases. You can walk outside with just long sleeves. You can play football on Christmas Day and sweat.

Well, except this year. This year, I hear, they've had snow in Mississippi.

But not here. We are warm. I'm sure it will chilly-up soon enough.

We are DONE with school - Yippee! I'm so glad. One month from today, on January 19, I STILL won't be back in school :) Nice, long break. For a while in there, I'll be chaperoning 10 students in England. Does that count as work? I guess it depends on the students!


  1. ooo, have FUN in England, what a BLAST! You can pick up some proper tea there as well!

    I agree, this whole weather thing is odd...I've never been in a place for Christmas that WASN'T does it really feel like Christmas? When I look outside, No...but when I look at our winter warmth throughout the house and hear wonderful holiday music float around me, YES, YES, YES, I can feel it!! :)

  2. I'll be glad to send you some of the 8+ inches we're getting tonight. Enjoy your break ... enjoy England (seething with envy) ... and read some great books!

    Have a blessed Christmas, MK!


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