Saturday, December 6, 2008

A day on the couch

Sometime in the middle of the night last night, I came down with a stomach flu. It had the disturbing effect of making me feel as if I were JUST ABOUT to throw up. All night long, I dreamed over and over that I was throwing up. I woke up rather tired.

And achy. I haven't done anything today. This is usually my make pancakes/vacuum/do laundry/go to Sally's day, but I wasn't up to any of that! I've lain on this couch (and occasionally on the bed) like a slug. I did play the piano for about 5 minutes, but that sapped my strength. I'm hoping I'll be up to accompanying in church tomorrow.

Nobody wants to get the flu, but I must say that a day of enforced bed rest is not necessarily a bad thing. I only wish it had been a work day. And as one friend noted, now I probably won't be sick over Christmas! Or next weekend, when I have to sing in a cantata at my parents' church.

I wonder if I can squeeze one sick day out of this tomorrow?

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