Monday, December 22, 2008

What I did 3 days before Christmas:

You already saw breakfast.

About 10:45 I dragged Adam out of the house (well, okay, so he wanted to come. I did warn him), and I visited the latest 2nd-hand shop I just heard about yesterday. It's called "Yokefellow." Odd, I know. No, not Oddfellows...haha.

Anyway. It's as cheap as Sally's, and twice as big. It's run by a Christian ministry of a group of churches. I browsed in that leisurely way that women usually only do when they are ALONE. Adam sat in the car, played a game on his laptop, and told me NOT TO HURRY. I did the most time-consuming thing you can do in a resale-shop (besides trying on pants!): I looked at their books. And I only looked at about 1/2 of them -- I'll have to go back. I found about 8 to buy, as little Christmas extras.

After lunch, Julia's friend Ruth came over, and I took them to the movie, "The Tale of Despereaux." A good movie, and rated G, although a couple of parts would be scary enough for a 3 year old, that I was a little surprised. I mean, it's not Winnie the Pooh. But World Magazine was correct in its assessment that the movie's theme of forgiveness gives it a deeper message than the usual "good guy/bad guy" flick.

Adam's making his yummy grilled chicken salad for supper.

And tonight, if I'm up to it, we may go shopping at the mall. I still need some pants.

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