Sunday, August 2, 2009

And they're off!!

Anna and Peter left this afternoon with their youth group on the summer mission trip. I did remember to take my camera when we dropped them off (yay!) but I forgot to take a picture, until we were driving away (boo!) -- so this shot is the one I got! That's Peter on the hood of the church van, and his buddy Blake in the orange shirt. Anna is standing there too, in shorts.
Our youth group participates with a larger organization called Youth Works. This year we requested to do a mission work in the Appalachia region, and they were assigned to: Taylorsville! So they are not so very far away, after all :)

We won't have a quiet week though; we have dear friends (Alynn and Tom and 3 kids) coming later this week. This is one of the highlights of our year, and we are always thrilled when they come. More on that later! Now I have to grocery shop and CLEAN THE HOUSE!

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