Monday, August 31, 2009

One woman's trash, one woman's treasure

I've been waiting for today. It's 68 degrees -- we turned off the AC, opened the doors and windows and put on long pants and sweaters.

In other words, it feels like autumn. The long, hot summer is OVER, praise the Lord, and my favorite season is beginning - hooray!!

(Photo credit again to David Sheehan. David was a student of mine 4 years ago, and is clearly gifted in photography.)

Not everyone feels about summer and fall as I do. I read Jo-Lynne's blog post today, and found a different perspective!

We all have preferences. I'm sorry to say that often humans fight over their preferences. They aren't able to see that having different likes and dislikes is all part of being human. I like winter; you like summer. I like blue; you like red. I like organ music; you like praise songs. I like blogging; you like snail mail cards. I like classical classroom; you like homeschooling. I like a day at home; you like a day in the mall. I like Jane Austen; you like the Terminator.

Thus is goes. Why do we feel we can dictate to someone else what they are allowed to enjoy? Unfortunately, people like to attribute RIGHT and WRONG to things that are neither. They are just preferences.

A few things ARE either right or wrong. We should save our fighting for those, don't you think?

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