Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sandy's Progress

Little Sandy is so fun. We keep her busy!

She now has the run of the patio because Adam has set up a long board so that she can't escape into the yard, and he sits out there with her and lets her play. She LOVES LOVES LOVES playing with empty plastic pots! They roll, and she can attack them, and grab them on the rim. They are the ENEMY! Oh my.

And she's just about potty-trained. She tinkles every time she goes outside, hasn't had an accident in the house for several days. AND, Adam is teaching her tricks - she is one smart cookie! She will now sit and look at him in the eye, in order to get her little (itty bitty) treat. I'll have to get a video of it sometime.

Her favorite thing is a leaf, and of course our yard is getting more of those by the minute. Julia is her playmate, but she seems to be fond of all of us. Sweet pup!


  1. Is she a sheltie? I ask because she looks just like a friend's miniature Aussie ... too cute for words, but clever like the dickens.

  2. Yes, Scooter, she is! And she is smart as a tack, and a little stubborn. She has lots of personality for a little dog! She's learning tricks and obedience quickly, but she challenges us on several points.


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