Monday, August 24, 2009

Make New Friends but Keep the Old

In addition to taking Philip to college, this past weekend was a time to see friends. Here's a shot of sisters Ginny and Bonnie. Ginny married a friend of mine from college days, but I've really gotten to know her on Facebook! We met at Starbucks and had a fun chat.

I SHOULD have gotten a picture with ALL my dear friends from college years! The school held an alumni/parent reception on Friday afternoon, and it was thrilling and wonderful to see and talk with (and hug and cry over) good friends from all those years ago. But I forgot to take a picture! So later I nabbed Jennifer in the dining hall, and Adam took our picture:

Here's MaryAnna and her youngest, Jeanna. Jeanna is Peter's age. MaryAnna and I have known each other for years, but especially when we worked together at a Christian boarding school in Iowa. She and her husband are both Covenant grads, and all four of their college age children have attended there. Covenant is a school full of precious connections like that.

What I noticed most about the alumni reception was how many COUPLES were there! I was one of the very few who had married a non-Covenant person. Now, of course, the majority of graduates marry elsewhere, but I think the lesson to be learned here is that couples in which both parents attended the college are MUCH more likely to send their kids there. And these couples tend to stay together and be happily married. It was a joy to see them.

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