Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our week with friends

We had such a great week with our dear friends, Tom and Alynn, and their kids, Kayren, Lorien and Aleya. Jathan is in Texas doing wonderful things as a medic-in-training in the Army. Kesse and Kyrie are working to earn money for college and couldn't come. But we sure had fun with who DID come! And as all noted, we did spent a lot of time cooking and eating yummy food. Here is Aleya, helping Uncle Adam make homemade pasta for our spaghetti dinner. She is a pro!

We'd started working on a large (1500 piece) puzzle before they arrived, so I thought I'd leave it out, just in case they might enjoy it (and help us get the silly thing finished!!) After all, isn't puzzle-working part of a truly relaxing vacation? They did work on it, but we didn't finish it. It went back into its box, partially done :(

One day, we also took them to Birkdale Village, a nearby shopping area that is such a fun place to visit. We rummaged through Barnes and Noble, ate a great lunch at Qdoba, avoided Starbucks miraculously, found a thrilling fragrance store that has hundreds of name-brand perfumes in their oils (instead of with alcohol added) and enjoyed a final snack at Coldstone Creamery.

We once even dog-sat a little Jack Russel named Napoleon, while his owner went in a store.

On Friday, Carolyn decided to drive over (bless her heart!!) with her three little ones, for a visit. Now, Carolyn, Alynn and I go WAY back, and it is sheer joy to be all together again, considering the far ends of the earth that we've occasionally been scattered to! Adam took about 8 Very Silly Pictures of us, but I'll only post one.
I never did get a photo of Tom and Adam. They spent most of their time out on the patio, talking and talking. These two guys really enjoy each other's company. That's rather rare with men, to find a best friend. Since we only get to visit each other once a year, it becomes an intensive time of catching-up, enjoying time together, and nurturing friendship. We loved having them here, and hated for them to leave.

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