Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Date

Tonight Adam and I went on a date to the movies. I hesitated; movies are expensive, and we are a little on the potentially broke side. However, we haven't seen a movie together at the cinema since "Casino Royale" (3 years?), so I don't feel too guilty.

We went to "Julie & Julia." (Thanks, Lisette my dear, for the recommendation!) It was lovely. It was about food and cooking, so we had to wipe our mouths occasionally to keep from salivating into our laps. And we both love Julia Child. Watching a snippet of her life, her marriage, her culinary training, her epic cookbook -- this was a little magical. The flip-side of the movie, Julie Powell, was equally charming: a modern girl, searching for something to do with her life, who stumbles upon an idea that bonds her to a woman her grandmother's age, deepens her marriage, makes a cook of her, and opens her world.

Julie decided to blog, as I did (only her blog really caught on, ahem). She made a book and then a movie. Lord, preserve me from EVER being depicted on-screen by Jennifer Aniston! But some of Julie's struggles with blogging, with the weirdness of speaking to thin air, of sharing your life, and your family's life, with strangers, rang so true. Blogging is uncomfortable. It's brought out the unexpected writer in many a literary wallflower, but unearthed other, shall we say, things that should have stayed under-rug. When I saw Julie-on-the-movie type into her blog about her marriage troubles, and then hesitatingly press "delete," I sighed. Any blogger would.

I uploaded 52 pictures to my Iphoto today, and intended to share some of those, but I thought this fun movie might be more interesting, especially to all you bloggers out there. Enjoy.

Or, as they say, Bon Appetit!

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