Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lookin' for that happy place!

Blogland is a strange place, and you'd think that a grown-up girl like me would have caught on earlier that there are good places in blogland, and bad. It's a big blog world out there.

I enjoy debate, and I have frequented a few "debating" type blogs, like MommyLife or Molly's blog.

Barbara (MommyLife) attacks all debatable topics with the subtly of a pit-bull, but she doesn't make apologies for it -- it's what her blog's about. I don't comment there anymore, as I've said before, and I skip over all but her political posts, which I still find useful in this unsteady political climate. Don't always agree with her, but I like to see what she says.

And about a month ago, I started reading and commenting at Molly's blog, "Adventures in Mercy." Now, Molly seems like a nice lady, friendly and welcoming and non-judgmental. She repeatedly approaches topics on her blog that spark lively debate, and even though I can tell that we probably don't see eye to eye on many things, I liked conversing with Molly. I do wonder occasionally if she throws out these highly inflamatory posts to see if we will all bite, and sometimes bite each other. Probably not.

But to be honest, I found Barbara a little hard to take, and I find Molly's other visitors to her blog equally hard to take! Did you know that some people out there in blog world are just plain mean?

So, unfortunately, I've decided to unsubscribe to Molly's blog and not read anymore. She's got topics that I've already hashed through for myself years ago, and truthfully, I don't need any additional enemies or stress right now.

But I like blogland, and there are happier places out there. For one, I faithfully read "Please Pass the Salt" by my virtual friend, Moriah. I love Moriah. She writes about her life, which is stable, and about her husband and kids, whom she loves, and doesn't leave one feeling depressed or worried afterward. Today I found another blog, Musings of a Housewife. I think Moriah has mentioned this blog before, but I was too lazy to look it up. But today I changed my mind. I'd rather read Jo-Lynne's descriptions of whole milk and driving through the hazy countryside, that harrange through another theological topic with an angry woman with a chip on her shoulder. (No one in particular in mind there. I've met several over the years!)

So, here's to happier blogging! When I sit down with my cup of tea or coffee of a morning, I will smile beneficently upon the antics of Moriah's kids, or whatever Jo-Lynne is up to, and avoid the conflicts of the world. Hopefully.

And y'know what's scary? I found Jo-Lynne's blog in the past hour, and I have absolutely no idea how I did. Oh well!


  1. Oh, thanks! How sweet to wake up and see this post. :-) I agree, Moriah's lovely. (I think I said that yesterday.) I, too, tired of getting involved in debates online and prefer to keep things light and pleasant. It's too easy to get emotionally wrapped up in those debates, and I found it affected how I treated my family. I'm glad you've found your happy place and that I'm one of the stops on your rounds! :-)

  2. Have you ever read (Ann Voskamp)? It's calming, beautiful, & even challenging.

  3. Thanks, Ginger! That's a beautiful site; I'll add it to my list :)

  4. Stable? HA HA HA. Well, I guess I am, relatively. ;)

    And Jo-Lynne's PCA, did you know that? Another one you might enjoy (PCA as well, real-life friend/church member with Jo-Lynne) is Sarah,


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