Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey, Granpa! What's for supper?!

My parents were not fond of HeeHaw!!, but that line is one you just don't forget :)
I made soup late this afternoon. I had leftover chicken broth, leftover beef, some asparagus, celery, corn, rice, carrots, a little gravy, a few beans, a few old green onions. And it smells great :)

Adam offered to make the soup, but I asked him to make a bread to go with it. With limited time, he decided to make his famous (and delectable) matzo bread.

The cool weather, in addition to producing soup today, also put me in a serious cookie mood after lunch. So while the high schoolers watched an excellent documentary on the Mayflower Pilgrims (thank you, Netflix!) and Julia worked on her history summaries and outlines across the counter, I whipped up some peanut butter cookies. Julia took a little break from Stonehenge to stamp a fun image on each one.

This is my favorite cookie. My mom gave us these little clay cookie stamps a few years ago, and the girls love them. Aren't they cute?

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  1. Peanut butter cookies are the BEST! And yes, your soup does look good.


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