Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Picture

Well, no this is not a family picture, but I thought "Grandma Pam" might like to see how good Sandy is eating! She really attacks her food twice each day. She loves her kennel and takes frequent naps there during the day.

So, HERE'S the family picture! I really wanted to get one before Philip left us and took off to parts far and strange. It's pretty casual, but not bad for a home camera and a trip to CVS for a 29 cent pic!


  1. so you all look rather "overweight" (think fat). How do you think that will settle with the new Obaba Health Care Plan?

  2. Well, cowardly "anonymous," actually only 3 of us are overweight. And none of us overeats. But fat or not, our health is not the business of the federal ("Obaba" - haha, you can't spell either!) government. I frankly don't care what the government thinks off my weight, since it's not their business, or yours either.


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