Saturday, August 29, 2009

Politics again. Sorry

When will the heated politics cool down? I don't know. The country seems to be all astir. I post many more links on facebook than I do here, but I really wanted to post this video from Youtube:

Now, fellow Americans, this is exactly the kind of intimidation that people harangued Bush about. Listening in on people's phones? Invading privacy? Limiting speech? But now Obama and his supports are doing the same thing.

Note how this police officer bases his orders on his own preferences. Note how he sets a double-standard, which works against this protester, but allows others to continue with their signs. Who invented a law against pictures on picket-signs? And what in the world does the PICTURE on the sign have to do with whether he's trespassing?

This officer should be disciplined for this unconscionable behavior. His comment is so telling. "It ain't America no more, okay?"


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