Monday, August 24, 2009

Up on the Hill

The sky was overcast on our first day at Covenant. We're sitting on the famous "overlook," which, in my day, was a bit overgrown and ratty looking (especially below), but is now an elegant venue for hors d'oeuvres and light music. The view is spectacular. I don't think many other colleges can rival Covenant's view.

Carter Hall, aka the Castle. Built in the 1920s, as a hotel. Elizabeth Taylor honeymooned there once, according to legend. Liquor was smuggled into the hotel for the high-brow guests. They danced on the front lawn. And because it was a hotel, EVERY ROOM has its own bath -- a nice feature in a college dorm! Much of the building has been renovated and refurbished.

The lobby in Carter Hall. This is the great meeting place, a location for late-night dates and rendevous. Love the architecture -- it formed the romantic backdrop for this girl's college years!

A little friendly (haha!) checkers game in the Carter Lobby. I didn't ask who won, but both of these guys are insanely competitive.

The college mascot is the SCOTS, and they are ALL into thistles and bagpipes and all things Scottish. The college is Scottish Presbyterian all-the-way. So ... they had 2 student-bagpipers on the central lawn to entertain the masses on Friday afternoon. It was fun to listen to them play; they were very good.

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