Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Look what I found?

Fresh Eggs!! I've been wanting to GET AWAY from Walmart eggs for so long. I've been pining for fresh eggs, golden yolks, colorful shells, and yummy flavor. This morning I went to our local farmers' market for the first time. I also bought 2 large heads of garlic from a sweet German couple. Huge, ruby tomatoes, slender beans, warm breads, monster cookies, jellies and jams, squash and yams. I'll be going back!

Oh, and the bad news? I returned home to find that we had been acquired by a cat.
This little gal wandered into our yard. She is friendly and playful. But I don't really like cats much, especially skinny, black ones. And I cannot have an indoor cat, under any circumstances (allergies). But...they'd already fed her, and were playing with her. She and Sandy seem to get along nicely.

A name for her? I recommended Hecuba :) Anna wants Midnight. Julia prefers Sasha. I kind of wish she'd wander back where she came from -- especially before the many litters of kittens come along. Sigh.

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  1. she's yours now-better go ahead and get her spayed or you WILL be dealing with kittens!


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