Sunday, September 30, 2012


How 'bout a few more boat pictures? Yes? Do you recall the cute boat we saw during the race that I was calling "Little Red"? Well, I finally saw her name --
Ozymandias! Isn't that a cool name? Percy Shelley wrote a poem by that name, an excellent sonnet with a rather bizarre rhyme scheme. Anyway, that's a nice name for a boat. I'll be ruminating on the meaning for a boat, considering the poem. You can read it here.  Perhaps it's pertinent that Shelley died at sea, in the Mediterranean?
I like the blue hull of this sleek number. Nice teak deck also.
Today I want to focus on a few odd things that boats have, for those who don't know. Some large motor boats ("trawlers") have sliding glass doors -- patio doors! Can you imagine?
See this? This big ole boat has four windshield wipers :)
This is a whopping big trawler in the marina. I had to back far away to get it all in the shot. LOOK at the living space in this thing. There are five separate quarters here, on different levels. Amazing. You could get lost in there. Even that lowest level in the front of the boat has little windows and is probably a sleeping area.
I thought this was adorable. They've spruced up this open deck and put wicker furniture, a little fire pit, even candles on the table.
I could lounge here, oh yes! Ladies? Let the men fish and we will sit here, talk nothingnesses and sip long cold drinks. This boat is for sale!
I really like this wooden companionway. This boat has lovely wooden detail all over.
We've been noting this threesome in the town harbor for several days now. They are "rafting" -- traveling together and lashing their boats together closely while at anchor so they can step from one to the others. I think that's cute. The middle boat is a catamaran.
It's always entertaining and beautiful to sit and gaze out into the harbor, especially around sunset. I hope you're learning a little about boats, if you're as ignorant as I am.


  1. Hi MK!
    I like your boat posts! I can't wait to see the boats in Victoria, BC later this month. It seems far away just now, but I'm SO looking forward to sniffing the sea air!

  2. Fabulous post, MK! Ozymandias was my favorite poem while I was in high school. It always reminded me of Solomon, the Old Testament and I've oft wondered what and how much stuff lie under the ocean of sand that is called the Sahara.
    The first trip Dave and I ever took was to rent a 29' yacht and sail the British Virgin Islands...WHAT a memory!

  3. Y'all both make it sound SO romantic :) That's what Adam wants to do ... someday!


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