Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Little Crocheting

All handwork has not ceased around here over the holidays. I finished 2 shawls last week, which was a relief. And Julia became enamored with owls. She made some little crocheted owls, like this one:
She made a pink one for a friend for Christmas and liked it so much, she made the blue one for himself. His name is Nero -- not for the Roman emperor but for Nero Wolfe, the great detective of literature.
I, however, turned my hand to penguins. This is a penguin snuggie. I made one for Peter's girlfriend Kara, and Anna pleaded for one too, so I made one for her. The penguin disc passes through a hole in the other end of the snuggie, working like a big button and keeping the snuggie (which is just a short scarf) secure around your neck. Scarves tend to slide around and one end drapes down lower, and they get tangled in your sleeves.  Snuggies don't do that.
Anna and I were at Paula's Italian Restaurant (my favorite restaurant in New Bern) when I took these pics. We were headed to see Les Miserables. Here she shows you her penguin earrings that a hallmate made last year for her. They're beaded.
What is it with these girls and their penguins?

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  1. The owl is adorable. I DO love owls.
    You are a quick stitcher, MK!


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