Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In the Middle of Winter --

These photos are from Sunday, when Adam went to garden and I went along to relax.
The sky was big, bright, blue.
As I told you before, the sailors were out on the river. They know a perfect day when they see one.
While Adam planted spring veggie seeds, Sandy and I went for a walk in this quietly, strangely silent spot.
On the river, the wind can be brutal, and trees must be hearty to survive. Many are broken by hurricanes.
Sandy's a good walking partner, always eager.
From a distance, the large nest in the top of this tree stands out.
An eagle's nest? I don't know. It's very large.
A tracing of veins in the winter sky lets you know that Nature is still alive, even in this cold.

Here's the garden where Adam is planting. He's filled just one of these raised beds. He might do a second one. It was put in for the residential development that will eventually be built here, if the economy ever recovers.
After our walk, Sandy and I lay in the grass next to a small lake.
By the way, when's the last time you lay in the grass, unhurried, gazed into the sky, closed your eyes, let the sun caress you into drowsiness? We do this when we're young, but we forget when we're old. Such utter relaxation drives away care. It's important to be in the grass, not in a chair.
I hope we have more days like this in the middle of winter.


  1. Nice! I love the idea of a community garden.
    Sandy is so cute! I love her perky spirit!

  2. Wasn't that a good day for everyone - you lying in the grass and breathing that fresh air, Adam working the soil...(sigh)
    For two years I worked a plot in a community garden and it was a good supplement to what I could grow in the small back yard here. How wonderful that you can take advantage of this community garden that doesn't have its assigned community yet!


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