Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Lady Barbara

Last night we drove down to the town dock to see a sunken boat, the Lady Barbara. I had to zoom quite a bit to get this shot. You can see the white containment booms around the boat, an attempt to keep her diesel fuel from contaminating the harbor. And what all that red stuff is on the side? I have no idea.
She's sitting on the harbor bottom.
We walked around behind -- can you see the tipped boat, through all the pilings?
And in spite of containment attempts, the oil in the water is significant. If you want more on the Lady Barbara situation, go visit the website Towndock,  our very efficient local online news source.
A shot of another fishing boat, the Lady Susie.
I love all the gear and rigging and buoys.
On the back of one boat, a sober reminder, applicable to every person, and every boat.

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