Friday, January 18, 2013

On Moisturizing Your Skin

Okay, folks, here's the thing about skin. When it comes to moisturizing skin, there's only one thing that moisturizes.  That's water. Yes, water.
I mean seriously, doesn't that make sense? Water is moisture, pure and simple. If a company tries to tell you that slathering oils or chemicals on your face will moisturize your skin, they're full of bologna.

Your skin -- your face especially -- needs water. So when you wash your face, don't dry it into a dessert. Leave a little water on it!

But how do you get that water to stay? You need to seal it in. Oils and butters can do that somewhat, but the best sealant is wax.
You need water in your system (so drink plenty!) and water on your face, and then a moisturizer/lotion that contains beeswax (preferably organic), to seal that water in there and make your face feel very happy for hours.

If you're using commercial products on your face, I don't care how pricey their tag or convincing their p.r., you're putting chemicals on your face. Somebody designed a chemical concoction in a lab, added a luscious-smelling aroma, put in more chemicals to ensure that it would feel "creamy" and "light" and "moisturizing."  And then they sold it to you.

Chemicals in soap dry your skin. Chemicals in lotions do the same. Neither adds what your skin really wants:  water.

If this all makes sense to you, my advice is to make your own soap (if you can), and definitely to make your own face/hand lotion. It's so easy to do in your kitchen! I use coconut oil (which is so healthy for you), olive oil (ditto), and organic beeswax. Melt it in a double boiler. Cool it. Whip it up with a hand mixer if you like. Put it in a jar or tub, and you have wonderful lotion for your skin. I've sold so much of this stuff this past fall and winter! Women come back over and over to replenish their containers. No more harmful, drying chemicals! Seal that water on your skin and keep it moist and sealed all day.  Oh, it feels wonderful.

You won't read much fashion advice or beauty tips here, but I'm making an exception today :) Keep your skin happy, girls!


  1. Someone just told me I can find coconut oil at a big box store like Costco or WalMart...I sure hope so.
    Like MFK Fisher, I use my butter wrapper, works wonderfully well.

  2. Yes, I buy my coconut oil at Walmart. It's a good-sized container, for about $6. I'm trying to use it for cooking more now, and not just soap or lotions. I'm reading Fisher right now :)


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