Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here She Is ...!

Did any of you watch the Miss America pageant this past week? I did not, but I heard of it on facebook. Watching the entire Miss America pageant used to be a yearly event when I was growing up. We enjoyed following the contestants, choosing a favorite, and trying to guess what the judges would pick, in a winner.
Times have changed. But for fun, I thought I'd share some pictures of the pageant as it's developed over the decades. So, without further ado:
1921. Please note the short, stocky, ill-dressed girls who don't stand with their feet together. Several are forgetting to smile for the camera. They seem to say, "Would you hurry it up? I need to get back to work!"
1922. Crowns have improved significantly since then.
1924. Back then, King Neptune crowned the winner -- i.e. a freaky old man in a cape, Roman sandals and a cheesy beard.
Better crown. Better stance. Better bathing suit, well kind of. Julia just said, "That is the shortest dress I've ever seen." Then I told her it was a swimsuit, and she said, "That's the most modest one I've ever seen."  Haha! All a matter of perspective!
1963 -- the girl on the right. The year of my birth. Very fitted dresses were in vogue. Girls had learned how to keep their shoulders back, their chests out, and their smile plastered.
1988. Note how, during the years of my growing-up, beauty was re-defined as much skinnier. The more bones you showed, the prettier you were.
This year a girl from Alabama, transplanted to the Big Apple, won the pageant. I'm not putting her swimsuit photo here, because she's simply not dressed enough to qualify for my blog. Here's a site where you can see her winning her crown, bathing suit and all.


  1. I saw part of the contest when the winner was wearing her bathing suit. OH...MY...GOODNESS! It's disgusting how little she has on and was prancing around to beat the band. That's why I refuse to watch any beauty pageants anymore. They make me sick by their immodest dress.

  2. Interesting as how the years have passed, the women become more muscular-looking. The newest, while she is gorgeous, looks very powerful as well, esp. in the bathing suit. Got to had it to a girl who feels stronger the less she has on! ;)


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