Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On a Walk:

My bike is temporarily out of commission, so I took a nice walk yesterday with Sandy. I've been meaning to share a photo of this gargantuan bromeliad. I backed up so you can see it next to the brick wall -- see the short wall behind it? Those are standard sized bricks in that wall. This plant is really huge. I looked on Google to find out what kind it is, but couldn't find an image that matches it.
The pyracantha has been vigorous this winter. Look at this abundance of fruit!
This bush is the heaviest laden I've seen in town. Actually, there's some other vine growing on top, as you see. Two chubby little birds were perched on it as I approached with my camera, and they fled inside to their nest.
Deaton's boat yard has people making repairs for the spring sailing season. They even have stairs you can move next to your boat, for clambering up and down, instead of using a ladder. Isn't that nice?
As you stroll along Link St., in between the houses, you get a view of this.  It makes me sigh every time I see it.
This dog has the right idea. The wind was fairly still, the grass was cool, the sun was warm.
Have a great day, friends!

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