Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Take a Break -- For Free!

I'm doing a quick post about this Free Give-Away that I found over at the I Take Joy blog. What a great name for a blog! Reminds me of the Tasha Tudor quote I love up there on my banner :)

Anyway, click over to the blog and enter to win a free restful retreat for harried moms or otherwise weary women, at the Cove in North Carolina. It includes massages, mentoring, relaxation, a hotel room, taking a friend along, and a visit in Sally Clarkson's home.


  1. Oh man, wouldn't that be cool? I wonder if they pay for international airfare?

  2. If only! Oh wouldn't that be nifty- we'd have a ball! Have I told you I had to stop reading Three Against the Dark- too scary!! It will have to move from bedtime book to breakfast on the green sofa book!

  3. I'm sorry, Mags! I tried to keep it not *too* scary, but it's true that my kids, when I read it to them, would sometimes squeal in excitement and ask me things like, "He'll be okay, won't he?" :)


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