Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Sailing

It was an impulsive decision, but around 10:30 this morning, Adam said, "If I borrow an outboard motor, do you want to go sailing?" I said, "You just see how fast I get out of these fuzzy socks and warm robe!"
It was not a warm day, nor an entirely dry day. But there was good wind. As soon as he got the motor running, Adam handed me the tiller and told me it was mine for the day. Yippee! That's kind of like handing your five year old the steering wheel.
Today on the Neuse River they were having the Football Regatta. That means "go sailing instead of watching boring old football while you're a slug on the couch." Philip opted for football.
Julia spent most of the time out on the deck of the boat, pretending to be a figurehead. I think she napped a little. I told her that was dangerous, since I truly did not know what I was doing.
She liked it out there. She is such a sailing girl.
Anna came along. She had fun, but I think she was cold. She and Julia both forgot to bring gloves.
Julia took the tiller for a bit while I drank a cup of hot tea. Yumm.
And we all know who did the really heavy, hard work -- that fellow over there. And he loves every minute of it. He wants me at the tiller so he can do all the sail work :) He's all about sheets and cleats and winches.
I mean really -- how many active sports can you think of, where you can drink a cup of hot tea while you're doing them?  Adam and I both love sailing, and I hope we have many years of it ahead of us.
Altogether, we spent about 3 hours on this adventure, with about 2 hours on the water. We sailed 7 miles. Our maximum speed under sail was 7.4 mph, with an average of 4.1 mph. The only nervous part was when we had to come about to head home. After all of us saying, "Watch the boom!!" of course it was Adam who got smacked in the head, and his cap fell into the water. We had fun tacking about to retrieve it. Anna was the one with the pole who pulled it in on the second try. That was fun, and a good man-overboard drill too.

I hope to post many more pics of me, sitting happily by the tiller. Adam has plans for him and me and a boat.


  1. That looks like A LOT of fun, but I want you to wear a life jacket. Just saying.

  2. Haha -- yeah, Adam said that somebody would not that :) We had life jackets on board, and Julia was wearing hers. The others came with the boat, and they're REALLY nasty still, and need to be scrubbed. But thanks for the concern. For what it's worth, we're all excellent swimmers, although that might not count for much in that cold water, in the middle of the river!

  3. That should read "somebody would NOTE that."


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