Monday, January 7, 2013

Off to College

 I forgot to post these pics that I snapped of Philip and Anna the morning they left from Christmas break. So sad :( It was lovely to have the kids home. A tight fit in our house, but still lovely. You can tell from the photo that Philip is the strong type who does not like having his picture taken, and that Anna is the huggy type -- she even hugs people with a tilt of the head, from in front :) So adorable. Well, we'll see them when we see them, I guess!
Bye-bye, dearies!


  1. I have all this ahead. then I'll really know the glums! Do please show us pictures of all round the outside of your house? So woody. So beautiful! I have joined Maple Syrup Mob's View from my Window- every Thursday. I think you should join too! Mine will be all grey suburbia, except for one sunny Thursday in late May!

  2. MK, isn't it hard to believe you've children in college? You are so young!


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