Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Repairing the Mainsail

Adam asked me to repair our mainsail. Some of the stitching had come out on one corner. He washed the sail and brought it inside.
The sail company logo:
You can see above, where I put in new stitching. My stitches are a little shinier and go toward the left.
After I did a first row of stitches, I put on some sail tape. Technically, you put the tape on first and just stitch over it. But I wanted to be sure the layers of sail on this spot (there were about 8, I think), stayed aligned and together. So I sewed them together first, and then applied the sail tape --
Then I sewed it again. During the first line of stitching, I could use the old holes, inserting my thick need with nylon thread into them. But after applying the tape, I could no longer see the holes. So pushing the needle through on this second run, was harder. I had to use a thimble to force the needle through all those layers of sail.
On our sailing adventure Monday, I took a picture of my repair, doing its job!

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  1. So the old phrase could be rewritten " a stritch in time sails fine!"


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