Monday, August 12, 2013

A Quartet of Things

One creative thing
One praying thing
One thankful thing
One beautiful thing
The creative thing is a scarf/shawl I crocheted the other day.

a little beading on one edge

more beading on the other edge

I used about half this big 14 oz. skein of yarn.

One praying thing -- I pray for our little church. A church is an organic entity, like a body, and it's susceptible to attack, injury, illness, self-harm. Mostly it's under constant attack from Satan, who would like nothing better than to kill it. So I pray regularly for our church that God would put a hedge of protection around it and all its people, keeping Satan out, and keeping the Holy Spirit in.

One thankful thing:
This makes my heart sing.
It's a fuzzy photo, but it contains so much of the joy of my life. How thankful I am to have had all my kids here! (Plus one!)  

One beautiful thing:
How can I choose only one beautiful thing around here? Should I post a photo of the Neuse at sunset? Sandy dog with a grin on her face? Julia's artwork? But I choose this picture -- three lovely young ladies. They're vibrant, full of life and laughter, healthy and fun. Youth is beautiful, is it not? Each of these girls is lovely and wonderful -- so, three beautiful things :)


  1. I love your sweet family, and don't even know them! And the beading is the perfect touch on your work. You inspire me! :)

  2. Awe, those are beautiful girls. I like your shawl...white is a favorite color. I made a favorite white scarf that was so soft and yummy only to have my youngest abscond with it. The beading is a great idea! I wonder if I can do that with knitting?


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