Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life with Beau

I know you're wondering how our little fluff-ball is doing. Well, Beau is fabulous! He fits well into our family. He enjoys all the activity and play. He loves his food. He goes happily into his kennel and sleeps well. He does not like going outside, and he especially despises standing in grass. We're working on that one :)
This is one of his favorite places to be -- on Julia's bed with her while she watches a show.
The one family member he's most enamoured with, and is always watching, is Sandy. I think Beau is very happy to have a doggie playmate!
They play a lot, and Sandy enjoys it too, which (I think) is very good for her. It will keep her active and young.
Beau is so very quick! He's just a blur of fur when he's chasing Sandy around.
Sandy sometimes hides from him under the table, inside one of the chairs. Beau is giving me his Beau Look.
Julia is crazy about Beau. Here she is playing on the Wii in Philip's man-cave with Beau in her lap.
Snoozin' ~
He's had two baths and lots of combing. We're getting the flea situation under control. I love having a dog small enough to bathe in my bathroom sink. He doesn't like it much, but I'm determined to get him mostly free of fleas; they're bad this year. We also treat the dogs and bomb the house, but it's an on-going battle that we dog-owners wage each year. Down with fleas!


  1. What a cute little face...just makes me chuckle out loud.

  2. We have a puppy in our house too...Gretel is 6 months now. She would be a wee bit bigger than your two, as she is a German Shepherd!

  3. Oh, he's super cute! He sounds like a good dog!

  4. I sympathize with the fleas. We've been getting Advantage II in a large size and using a syringe, measuring it out to fit all our dogs (2 big/2 little) and found a dealer on Amazon that's more affordable. Dawn dish soap really works on the bathing too.

    Hope you get it under control soon. Fleas make me nuts!


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