Friday, August 30, 2013

Life with Beau

Night before last, Adam and I went for a drive by the water. We took the dogs. I asked Adam to drive so I could get a picture from atop Smith Creek Bridge, the high, arched bridge in town. Unfortunately sunset's orange glow was not present that night.
Sandy sat in Adam's lap, and Beau sat in mine. He liked putting his face and paws out the window. I held on to him!
He was one happy dog.
Sailboat on the still water:
Behind the breakwater:
Last night Adam and I went for a walk with the dogs in an attempt to wear out Beau a bit more, so he'll sleep later in the morning. (It worked, btw.) And in spite of the heat and humidity I did discover some autumn leaves lying around. Nice to see. One of these days the heat will break permanently.
Then I'll put my shorts and t-shirts away, and autumn will have arrived!

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  1. We used to have a Pom, and loved how he'd spin in circles when he'd run to the backdoor. Such a cutie. Ours was called Leo. :)


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