Friday, August 9, 2013

That Family Togetherness

Even a couple hours of sailing are pretty exhausting, so Peter and Kara came home and played a game of LIFE with Julia. As all parents know, it's wonderful to see the older kids come home and enjoy each others' company.
Peter and Kara, relaxing on the couch:
Sometimes we chat, visit, and laugh. But sometimes we just descend into a crowd of screens - haha!
After dinner we all drove down to the Bean for ice cream. Aren't they cute?
The kids (all three of them!) being silly ~
At last, Adam and I have other couples in the family, and it sure is nice!
We took Peter and Kara down to the harbor to show them our "dating scene" -- i.e. a bench to sit on, to watch boats and fish. And passing humans. And Adam and I together, we're also a version of that "family togetherness." It's fun to know that all this comradery came first from one little marriage, 24 years ago.
Now they're all out in the man-cave (aka the garage), playing Mario Kart on Philip's Wii. Silly kids. And competitive. And noisy!
I think these two might just be the most competitive of all.


  1. Fun! And then when the grandkids come it's really noisy and messy, but WONDERFUL!

  2. cute the one of you and your man!!

  3. These are great pictures of your family doing things together. I would like to visit your date scene, too. That sound fun.


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